Nov 3, 2016

28.10.16 - Henna Night

On the same day of my Solemnization, at night, we held an another small occassion; Henna Night attented by relatives and close friends.
The henna done by @inaiiman, which is based at Muar.
All the photos credit to Hadi, bestfriend of Chan.

28.10.16 - Solemnization Day

After 7 years, both of us struggling much in our love-hate relationship, now we tighten up it into marriage.


In these 7 years, we had never declared as a couple to each other, even engagement, we just let it be until this big day has come.

28.10.16, Friday, 10.30 a.m. was the Solemnization Day, held at my hometown, Muar, smooth as we planned. Syukur...

All thanks and the most goes to my parent, Mama & Abah, the Siblings, Angah & Family and Arull. All the relatives, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins and Grandma involved, my thanks goes to you too.

Here are the photos, which is all the hardwork & artworks comes from Hadi, bestfriend of Chan. Thank you.

The moment before Ijab & Qabul.

Seriously I am not very nervous. Just a little, like 1 or 2 minutes. Hehe. I'm happy!

We are Husband & Wife!

I'm donning Cleopatra Dress by OwlbyNoraDanish.
Chan is wearing Aaron Aziz by Jakel.
Flower hand bouquet by my sister.
My makeup by @liezzabeautytouch using FCC cosmetics.
Pelamin oleh @Imah Pelamin.

With my Parents; Mama & Abah.

With my whole family.

The couples.

The In Law's Family.

The Bestfriend, Bai & Liezza.


The only one Grandma, Atok Mak. Please don't cry...

The most excited person, Mama.

With my Auntie, Mak Usu, her daughter, Ika and my pretty cousin, Izyan.

Hantaran dari pihak perempuan, which is from my side; semuanya digubah sendiri oleh my beloved sister and my favourite Auntie, Cik Paid.

The cookies are homemade by my Auntie, Cik Ida.

Fruits all bought by myself.

Petite Sirih Junjung digubah oleh my Auntie, Cik Paid; inspired by Rizalman.

Belt, Wallet & Handbag by Sembonia & Bonia chosen by Chan himself.

Ferrero Rocher sponsored by my Auntie, Cik Paid.

Sejadah wangi dari @FuzainySejadah.

Hantaran dari pihak lelaki, semuanya digubah sendiri oleh Chan. Thanks for your hardwork and artwork, Husband!

Mas Kahwin of RM100 & Wedding Ring by Habib

Al-Quran with Rehal & Tasbih from Semua House, KL.

Wedding Cake sponsored by Mother In Law.

Perfume by Anna Sui.

Skin Care & Body Bath by The Face Shop.

Sirih Junjung sponsored by Mother In Law.

Heels by Clarks.