Mar 17, 2016

Budget Trip to Georgetown, Penang, 23 - 25/01/2016


Air Asia return ticket RM90.12 from KL
Muntri Guest Inn RM64.00/2 nights

Sub-Total = RM154.12

DAY 1 - 23/01/2016

Bus to Komtar from Airport RM2.70

Lunch RM7.50

Camera Museum RM10.00

Cat Cafe RM10.40

Street Art RM0.00

Bus from Komtar - Gurney Plaza - Komtar RM2.80

Dinner pasembor + kopi o RM14.00 + RM1.50

Sub-Total = RM48.90

DAY 2 - 24/01/2016

Bus to Padang Kota RM1.40

Fort Cornwallis RM10.00

Lunch RM3.10

Bus to Batu Feringgi RM2.70

Toy Museum RM16.00

Bus to Hard Rock Cafe RM1.40

Bus to Pantai Shamrock RM1.40

Hi Tea rojak + air kelapa RM5.00 + RM5.00

Bus to Komtar RM2.70

Dinner burger + ribena RM3.50 + RM1.50

Sub-Total = RM53.70

DAY 3 - 25/01/2016

Bus to Penang Hill RM4.00/return

Penang Hill RM10.00

Lunch Line Clear Nasi Kandar RM9.90

Bus to Wonder Food Museum - Free shuttle bus RM0.00

Wonder Food Museum RM15.00

Chew Jetty by walking RM0.00

Chowrasta Market

Bus to airport RM2.70

Dinner McDonald RM16.10

Sub-Total = RM57.70

TOTAL 3 Days 2 Nights at Penang = RM314.42/person
(excluding sourvenirs)

Budget Trip to Georgetown, Penang, 25/01/2016 - Part 3

Day 3 - 25/01/2016

Last but not least, Chew Jetty. 
Heading there by walking from Wonderfood Museum.

Small path to the jetty.

Here is the jetty.
So refreshing, but still hot.

We sit down while waiting others to take photo.

Final location is Chowrasta Market, bought some jeruk & pekasam.


Mar 15, 2016

Budget Trip to Georgetown, Penang, 25/01/2016 - Part 2

Day 3 - 25/01/2016

After hanging out at Penang Hills, we went down to town to Wonderfood Museum (RM15.00/person)

Big Cendol at the entrance.

Big Fried Egg.

Big Satay

Big Curry Mee.

Big Rojak.

Big ABC.

Big Char Kuey Tiaw.

Big Nasi Lemak.

This one is really huge Cendol.

Budget Trip to Georgetown, Penang, 25/01/2016 - Part 1

Day 3 - 25/01/2016

We started our 3rd day to Penang Hills by Rapid Penang bus no. 204 (RM2.00)
Ticket is RM10.00/person, going up by train.

View in the train from the top.

Love Lock area at Astaka Bukit Bendera.

The chair is similar to chair at Namsan Tower, Seoul, Korea that we went last year.

Too hot up there, even we came in the morning.