Mar 26, 2014

Budget Trip to Sabah Part 2 - In the plane


It is time to depart! Bye Kuala Lumpur and hello to Sabah! We are going to fly with AK 5117. Aku rasa macam tak boleh ambil gambar kat kawasan ni, tapi ambil jugak. It's beautiful!

 I am the one who is holding the camera, so let it be as my photos are not so much. Girls, you are the lucky one!

 At last, here I am! With Ana. We have to selfie. Hihi.

While I am typing this entry, there is a shocked news happened to our Malaysia, which is Malaysia Airlines, MH370 was missing in the southen of Indian Ocean. So, when I'm typing this, it is quite confused in my heart. Shall I happy with this kind of view? Yes that time I am happy. Now, it totally twisted :(

We safely arrived at Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu! 2 jam penerbangan dari Kuala Lumpur. From 5.50pm and arrived around 8pm. We straighly heading to our hotel at Kota Kinabalu. Yomi Hotel. Actually we already booked a room in Yomi Hotel early. So, that we just called the hotel to pick us from Terminal 2 and heading to hotel. RM30 for 1 way and it is worth for it.

For dinner. we just ate Maggi instead of complete dinner. We just arrived and don't know where to eat. And somemore we are tired and gained energy for tomorrow heaven! Wooh!

Budget Trip to Sabah Part 1 - Departure

Tadaa! For the very first time, we (read as: I) went to Sabah! Yay! Seriously, ni pertama kali pergi Sabah dan kitorang sangat excited. Kitorang plan macam macam tempat untuk holiday, and finally we chose Sabah! Kiranya, budget trip. Tak terlalu mahal. Ok ok je.

We bought flight ticket since September 2013, during Air Asia's promotion. 4 person worth for RM5++ only. 

Counting the days to go, is such a burden. But finally a week before departured, we seemed ignoring the works at office. Haha. Maybe we just excited because we are going in term "buddies". So it is quite interesting I think!

So, lets go with the photos! As we can see the photos taken are widely like a fish eye lens. It is GoPro! First time using this kind of camera (quite famous nowadays for selfie) looks like a bimbo? Err can we just think like that? And somemore no one teaching me on using this GoPro, it tooks about half an hour for me to adopt with this camera. In the ERL - going to LCCT. Such a waste time.

But, the final products are DAEBAK! Completely awesome! Here we are!

Me and Ana

Suzie and Aiza

4 of us. And me is the eldest. Sigh.

Yay! We arrived at LCCT. And rushing to the information board to check our flight ticket.

The photos are just nice. I love it!

Me is busy taking photos since the GoPro have to use handphone to capture everything. That is because I don't know how to connect wifi between the remote and the camera. Ahhh, such a loser.

So, during the trip a power bank is a must. 

Part 2 will be coming soon.

Mar 22, 2014

A new start: 2013/2014 Leessang 1st Asia Showcase

This is a new start of 2014! Daripada bulan 9 tahun 2013, memang menunggu tiket konsert Leessang to be released. And finally, I got it. Walaupun aku beli tiket paling murah, tapi harga tiket tu mahal okeh. RM108 per person and it is free seating. Free seating is at the back.

So, Leessang 1st Asia Showcase held on 11/01/2014 at Kenanga Wholesale City Mall, KL.

At the first, I am wondering how is the concert looks like since it is held at 15th floor, and I have never been there before. Finally, the area is not too big, it is satisfied enough for me that bought a 'cheap' ticket but I still can see Leessang's Gary & Gill clearly. Emmm, is it too much I mentioned it clearly? Not so CLEARLY, but I still can see their nose. Hah! Good enough right? 

Yes, I am a Leessang's fan! Alaaaa, itupun sebab aku tengok Runningman. I just loved Kang Gary. I love he showed his own charm, his own personality in Runningman. But, trust me, Kang Gary is a different person when it comes to music. He takes too serious in his music, which is his charm is more shining. Can I said that? Is compliments too much for him? Hee...

Well, I am so satisfied with the concert. Totally satisfied. Kali pertama aku beli tiket konsert mahal, artis Korea pulak tu. Sing along with Leessang and other fans, it makes me extremely happy. Konsert berlangsung 1 jam setengah. Leessang performed about 10 songs  I think, argghhh I cannot remember. Some of the songs are You Are The Answer To A Guy Like Me, Turn Off The TV, Rush, Pursuing The Happiness, Hard To Be Humble and more. 

And here are the photos taken by me and Chan and I took it from my Instagram. There are more photos in my memory card but badly I left my card at my hometown. So, for the time being, I just uploded some.

Mar 21, 2014

Shall I?

Shall I start back writing blog? I think so. Will start back for 2014. After a year left cikzuzu alone, it is time to memorize all. Since now is end of March, it is better late then never. Even 3 months passed, the memories quite fresh in my mind.

Lately I am into (read as: very into/totally into) some K-pop environment, I think the new 2014 of cikzuzu will be quite annoying (to the K-pop anti) but it is quite fresh infill to cikzuzu.

So, wait for the first entry (as this entry is not countable) of 2014, as I am excited and eager for that!