Mar 15, 2016

Budget Trip to Georgetown, Penang, 24/01/2016

DAY 2 - 24/01/2016

Heading to Padang Kota from Komtar by Rapid Penang bus no. 502 (RM1.40)

Penang Hot Air Ballon Fiesta will be held here in Padang Kota 2 weeks after our vacation.

Too hot too handle. Rest for a while.

Fort Cornwallis located at Padang Kota area.
Entrance fees RM10.00/person.

Small church.

At the peak of Fort Cornwallis.

Continue walking opposite the Padang Kota, and 3D Trick Art Museum is located here.
Entrance fees RM15.00/person.
But we skipped this place.
Having our lunch in front of 3D Trick Art Museum.

Around 1.20 p.m., we continued to Hard Rock Cafe located at Batu Feringgi by Rapid Penang bus no. 101 (RM2.70)

We get our Laksa, Rojak & Coconut drinks here, Pantai Shamrock by the same bus no. (RM1.40)

After lepak at Pantai Shamrock, we went to Toy Museum by Rapid Penang Bus no. 101 (RM2.70)
Entrance fees is RM16.00/person

Shrek & Kungfu Panda



Harry Potter



Red Power Rangers

Mr. Mario


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