Apr 13, 2015

Budget Trip to Seoul Day 1 Part 1 - Arrival


It's been a while since my last post on March, but the entry is about many months of Bangkok trip, haha. Then, here we go for my latest trip with my friends; a trip to Seoul.

We have booked the flight ticket many months ago around September 2014.

Flight number : D7 504
Depart Kuala Lumpur (KUL) : 01 Apr 2015, 0800 AM (8:00 AM)
Arrive Incheon (ICN)  01 Apr 2015, 1520 PM (3:20 PM)

Arrival card and Custom decalaration need to fill in before arrival.

We heading to baggage claim area.

When there is a accomodation, then we have to use it. Heheh.

This is the main point to claim the baggage. Need to use Shuttle Train. Seriously terkejut dan excited dan impressed dan eh, jauh ke nak amik beg? Nampak betapa jauhnya departure area dengan imigresen area sampai kena naik shuttle train. Shuttle train ni akan ada setiap 5 minit, ulang alik. 

This is the Immigration.

Disebabkan baggage claim area jauh, tak berapa lamalah tunggu beg keluar, sekejap je.

After collecting our bags, we heading to subway train to our guest room in Itaewon. But, for sure tengok-tengok airport structure. Amazing! Cantik sangat.

Dan besar.

Dan besar lagi.

Kami ke ticket vending untuk All-stop train, bukan Non-stop train. Sebab kami kena transfer subway di Gongdeok Station untuk ke Itaewon. Kalau non-stop train, dari Incheon Airport terus ke Seoul Station. Train, bus and taxi in Seoul all use the same ticket/card called T-money. Memang mudah.

Ini Ahjussi tersangatlah comel, he teach us how to use the vending machine.

Even in this photos I asked him to say kimchi but he refused. Ciss.. But, he still smiled.

In the train heading to Gongdeok Station.

Inside the train, all seats are seated. And I just laid on the floor.

The scenery along the way.

Dah sampai Gongdeok Station, so transfer to Itaewon Station.

It still the same, penuh dan takde seat kosong. Ergghhh...

Dah sampai Itaewon Station. Kami menjinjing beg bagai nak mati, kat exit 4 ni takde eskalator. Beg sorang satu hampir 11kg, berat baq hang..

Ini guesthouse kami. Itaewon Land Spa and Sauna.

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